What is a Ungdomsförening (Youth Union)?


Today, a Youth Union/Association is usually not a pure association for young people; often the association works also for people who feel young in mind and spirit - not only for those who are young on their ID! But for historical reasons, their main purpose is still related to organise activities for the youth of the region; and the associations themselves are often led by young boards, even if it is also not uncommon for older youths to sit in the boards as supportive and key members. The composition of the boards differs greatly from compound to compound.

Association houses and activities

The youth association often has a house, usually an association house, which is rented out to the public and also used for the association's own purposes. The youth associations can organise both outdoor and indoor events, parties, theaters and other activities.

Several of them also house part of the municipalities' leisure activities for young people.

The activities are only limited by one's own imagination and the association's finances.

Old traditions are replaced by new ones, but one of the traditions that still remains under the auspices of the youth associations is the Midsummer Celebration. Many of the Åland midsummer poles are erected at youth camps and are often dressed and decorated by youth club members in close collaboration with other associations of the region.

A youth association is shaped by the will of its members: if the members are interested in theater, they can arrange theater projects; if they are simply interested in a place where to gather, they can arrange it; if they are interested in flea markets, they can organise them, etc.