Just Do It is a new contribution for young people in Åboland. Do you want to implement your own idea or project? Let us at ÅUF help you with the financing!

To what can you apply for support?

You can seek support for all types of activities such as to organise an event, joint trip or workshop. The main thing is that you are applying for support, implementing the idea and doing the reporting all by yourself.

Who can apply for support?

Funding can be sought by a youth group of people up to the age of 20. The group must have at least one contact person (this person may be outside the group, f.e. a parent). Registered associations are not granted these grants.

How much can you apply for?

The grants awarded are between € 100-500 and the support is 100% of the funding. If the cost exceeds € 500, additional financing is needed.

How and when to apply?

Financing is sought with the form below. The application will be ongoing and processed during the following calendar month.

Payment of the money:

The money will be paid to the agency contact person in agreement in one or two installments.


The applicant should report to ÅUF how the funds were used after the implementation of their idea.

Are you looking for other financing?
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