Services for the Members

Desky, the association online office is now available!

Desky, the digital office, is now being launched as part of ÅUF's services to the member associations.

What is Desky and how does it work? Desky is a collection of different services and programs. You get some free of charge through ÅUF, and in addition there are also various services that your association can purchase. The main aim of Desky is to provide useful and safe tools for the associations.

How can I use the services? To get Desky to your association, fill in the form below. Enter the name of the association, your e-mail address and some information regarding your association (as f.e. chairman, contact person, IT manager, treasurer, secretary, board member). After we have received your application, you will get an e-mail within a few weekdays with a link to your login. When you have completed the registration and logged in, simply invite other colleagues into the application and start using the features. You invite a colleague by going to "Colleagues", choosing "add colleague" and entering the person's email address. You can then choose what status (colleague or administrator) the person in question should have.

You can read more about the program features here (Swedish only).




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With the right tools, half the work is done


To make the work of the associations' members easier, ÅUF has developed various tools to manage the associations' websites, members' register and bookkeeping.



All member associations can open a website free of charge through ÅUF: just send all the basic material that should appear on your page directly to We will create a complete page ready to be published online, which also can be then easily updated with more news and information directly by the members of your association. A website makes it easier for new members and guests to find you. You can find the links to the associations that already have a website through us here - be inspired and ask for your own page too!


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