The program Desky, which includes the association's statistics or what was previously called the report form, generates information about all FSU's member associations and other various associations such as NSU, SÖU, ÅlUF and ÅUF. It consists of a public part and an unofficial part. The public part is the association's public information as a contact person and property, while the second part consists of statistics, information and contact information that only the main association and the association's administrators can see.

The information is compiled by the association and passed on to the FSU, which collects data on the entire youth movement of the Swedish-speaking minority living in Finland. The statistics are then passed on to f.e. the Ministry of Education and Culture and other funds and foundations. The aggregate statistics thus form the basis for various financing decisions in the youth sector.

What is Desky and how does it work?

As part of ÅUF's service for member associations, the digital office, Desky, is now being launched. As more services become available to the associations, the so-called report form has also been moved into the same system.

Desky is a collection of different services and programs. You get some free of charge through ÅUF, and in addition there are various services that your association can purchase. The basic idea is to provide the associations with useful and safe tools.

What can you find in Desky? As standard for all ÅUF member associations, the following tools are free of charge:


This section can be found under the administration one. There you can invite others, the board or any relevant persons, to the system and set what rights they have, what functions and role.

Members' register

Desky provides an innovative membership register. In the register you can easily add and edit information about the members of the association. By giving the members different tags, you can create different lists and sortings, for example to show who has a certain competence or another. In the system you can also save and print invoices for membership fees. It is also possible to use a service to email invoices or to have them automatically mailed to the recipient, however, at an additional cost. In order to have the system to print and mail an invoice to the final recipient, the current cost is 1.61 € per invoice, a price that is all inclusive and close to the postage costs. Current prices for various delivery services are shown in the program.

Association activities form

What was previously called the "report form" has now been renamed to "association activities form". Here, just as before, the association fills in its basic tasks which generate info to the ÅUF's website and to the association's own page (contact details), as well as the statistics, including the number of members, which the ÅUF is obliged to report to the Ministry of Education. It is only the association's contact information that is shown to the public, no individual association activity or membership number. The program may be updated continuously during the year, but it is required to update the information regarding the previous year at the end of March at the latest.

Desky document

In Desky documents, you can safely and securely store the association's files, board minutes, agreements and the like. You can have your own folder there as well as the board's common folder. There are also folders shared by ÅUF as standard, which are filled with, for example, travel invoice forms and other essentials for the associations. Inside the document section there is also a calendar function. There, the association can set up its events so that everyone on the board has the same information. The association's calendar also shows info from ÅUF, such as courses and the like. You will be invited to the document function after you have first logged in.

For the document section there is also an app for smartphones and for desktops, so the function does not only have to be used via login at For anyone who has ever used Dropbox or Google drive, the system is probably familiar, as Desky documents work the same way. The advantage of Desky is that the services are available on Finnish servers and take into account GDPR. In addition, the system is administered centrally by the association, which minimizes problems for example in case of changes of members.


Desky has a function to send messages to other persons registered in the same digital office. You can thus f.e. remind your board members to read the latest board minutes. The recipient receives via email a mail that there is an unread message on Desky. It is also possible to send messages to ÅUF through this system.


You can login to your association's free website through Desky by configuring the corresponding account to the website.

My office

Basic information about the association, as being able to receive invoices from any supplier if additional services are ordered.

Something else?

Is this all? Well. That's all that ÅUF offers you for free at the moment. The idea is that more services will be provided in the future, some free and others with a fee. Already there is f.e. the opportunity to have Briox's billing program and accounting program. Note that the associations that use Briox via ÅUF during the current year will still receive it free of charge in 2019. However, the service will have to be purchased starting from next year.

You can find manuals, support and help in the website. If you have any questions you also have the possibility to contact ÅUF, as well as the Website provider.

The free services for the associations are offered thanks to the support of the Swedish Cultural Fund.

Good luck and do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional information or support with the program!

Tove Lipponen, verksamhetsledare


tel., messaging or whatsapp: 045 8957353