ÅUF sends out short and concise membership newsletters regarding current events. The letters are published approximately every two months with a break during the summer. Here you can read the latest:


Hello members!

We have already passed the middle of March and a lot has happened: grants and renovations have been processed and Desky has been launched. In order for you to not get bored in this ever-flowing stream of information, here you can read a list of what to think about and to do in March:

  • The report form, now to be found on Desky
    Let's introduce: Desky! It is a completely new and very user-friendly system for gathering information about what is happening in the associations. Here you must enter by 31.3.2019 membership numbers, associates and events happened in 2018 so that we can report to UKM. By doing this, you will also have all information about your activities in one place. Go to https://www.auf.fi/english/members/services_for_the_members/ and fill in the form, so that we can give you your login information. We are here to help you, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question!


  • ÅUF's decisions and membership letters
    The ÅUF board has decided to improve communication within the union, both outwards and upwards, by introducing a list of resolutions after each board meeting and by sending the letter of membership also to the business leaders in the other UF associations. Despite the spring weather, we hope that this will create a snowball effect, so that both you member associations and the other associations will start to send membership letters and decision lists to us (auf@auf.fi). By doing so, you and we as well will have better control of what is happening in all directions.



  • ÅUF's Spring
    The spring meeting of the Åbolands Ungdomsförbund is organized at Bjärkas on 6.4.2019 at 13:00. Please confirm your participation no later than 2.4.2019 (send an email to auf@auf.fi). We will start the day with a light lunch with some coffee / tea and snacks. After the spring meeting, Lasse Majuri from the Hembygdsförbundet will tell us some information about the association houses renovation grant.


  • #storatalkodagen
    Svenska Österbottens Ungdomsförbund SÖU challenges other unions and organizations to participate in The Great Speech Day on Saturday, 25th May 2019! ÅUF would help also your association to participate. If you are interested in arranging talks in your association / in your village on the big talk day, ÅUF will provide for some coffee and buns. Contact us at auf@auf.fi for more info and to register your participation.

Åboland, 18.3.2019
Nicole Mattsson,
044 3077 407